Galvanized Steel | SL Roofing



Eagle Galvanized steel offers a very economical and effective protection against weathering and corrosion. Application of zinc shielding offer an excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, durability and heat reflectivity is remarkable for an exclusively metalling coating. It is an outstanding materials widely used in the roofing industry.


Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron (Colored)

Eagle Pre-painted Galvanized Iron using a two-coat system, in which a primer is applied before the finish coat. Two-coat system improves paint adherence, increase corrosion resistance, uniform film coverage and allows more precise color match. Eagle Pre-painted Galvanized Steel is chemical pretreated before painting to enhance corrosion resistance as well as adhesion characteristic. Polyester paint is then cured on its surface with desirable gloss and hardness which displays superior weather resistance, workability and durability.


Eagle Pre-painted Galvanized Steel paint system are baked to meet JIS G 3312-1994 with coating class Z18 for thickness more than 0.4mm above.