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FIW ColourMaxxTM PPGS (Prepainted Galvanized Steel) is produced by Federal Iron Works Sdn Bhd (FIW), Bukit Raja Plant by modern continuos Colour Coating Line under strict conditions of quality control at every stage of production by combining the most up-to-date technology in process equipment with the best available organic and inorganic coatings and cheamical treatments.


FIW produces a full range of PPGS coil to satisfy the various product applications and service environment at home, Factory, office, commercial properties, advertising, cold room, clean room, transportation barns and sheds.


All of FIW ColourMaxxTM PPGS Products are designed and produced to the high and exacting standards of each individual customer. Our experience, expertise and dedication to service and continuous technical development over the past 24 years has resulted in many Satisfies Customers who have been using our ClourMaxxTM PPGS Pspecially formulated to perform and illuminate for years to come.




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Time and Cost Effective


Eliminates the need for expensive and time sonsuming painting operations, Cost savings, coupled with quality improvement in finished products. makes ColourMaxxTM PPGS the intelligent alternative for those companies whose products require painting or other finishes.









Long Term Investment


For a wide variety of reasons including the impact on the environment, fire safety, durability, termite proof, theft proof, lightweight and quality consistency, selection of ColourMaxxTM PPGS is clearly an A+ choice no matter which way you look at it.









Design Flexibility


Able to be deep drawn, roll-formed, stam[ed and brake pressed without damage to the paint film. A corrosion inhibiting metal chromate primer is added to withstand severe corrosion in harsh weather conditions.










Dirt and Corrosion Resistant


Specially formulated coating system (Fresh ColourMaxxTM) provides a hydrophilic effect which acts like a barrier preventing dirt from adhering and then penetrating the paint film. A corrosion inhibiting metal chromate primer is added to withstand severe corrosion in harsh weather conditions.









Energy Savings


Cool ColourMaxxTM is a breakthrough formulation which reflect solar energy emitted by the sun. This results in keeping the air conditioning cost low while maintaining thermal comfort.











Clean ColourMaxxTM is specially formulated to dissipate electrostatic accumulation which is highly recommended for clean room faculty like surgical theater or semiconductor manufaturing lab.









Environment Friendly


Coil coating is one of the most advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly means of coating metal. Using ColourMaxxTM PPGS con provide manufacturers with a streamlined manufaturing process, cost savings and a more environmentally friendly plant.








10 Years Warranty

With warranty up to 10 years, you can be assured of hight quality products from us. Please contact us should you have any queries or need any professional advice.